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Black Oxide Corrosion Resistant Coating
Examples of Black Oxide Coated Parts.


It is a protective corrosion resistant coating over a base metal. The Oxide does not alter the dimension, physical or chemical properties of the surface treated. The coating does not chip or peel off and is primarily used for decorative purposes. The corrosion resistance properties are relatively less as compared to other coatings.

At Erie Protective Coatings we have been providing Black Oxide finishes on various steels and Stainless steels.


Electroless Nickel plating can be defined as the auto-catalytic deposition of nickel alloy onto a substrate without an external current source.

The deposit usually consists of an alloy of nickel and phosphorus with a phosphorus content ranging from 3% to 13% depending on the desired properties.

The coating has the following characteristics:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance in both alkaline and acidic environments
  • High hardness and wear resistance
  • Uniform thickness. With this process there are no low current density areas, therefore all surfaces plate at the same rate
  • The metal can be made magnetic of non-magnetic depending on the phosphorus content.

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